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Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Dear my valued customers/readers,

I think most of you have aware on this issue. The postage charges will be increased by our Pos Malaysia! Effective 1st July. So, for those who have placed orders before this for my products which entitled free shipping will still get that facility. But for orders after this moment will be no longer free shipping unless othervwise stated. I'm so sorry, I hope you guys will understand coz we are all facing the same situation.

I'm currently working for the placed orders, so stay tune for your products updates! I'll email you the orders details, can proceed with the payment and I'll get it posted!

Don't worry so much my dear, if I had confirmed that I'll commit to that order, I'll get it done.

Also, I am so sorry, I don't think that I can take new orders due to some constraints. But I'll try to keep posting some ready stocks! Stay tune!! (I'll try my best, ok?)

So, take care and enjoy your evening!

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