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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I bought these a few months ago, metal zippers and bias tape. I have never used the zippers yet, saying wooo.. But I tried the biasa tape yesterday for my current project. I loveeee it, easy to handle and  sweet too.
About the metal zipper, please email me if interested. I chose mine with all sewing machines zipper head. They have different kind of heads too..
My email is

Saturday, March 28, 2015


No.5 checked!
I have actually finished this a few weeks ago but no time to upload it here.
This is also a Korean cotton, easy to handle and definitely no doubt in the quality. This is a blue colour, it is actually a bit darker than the picture here, due to the camere lighting I guess. It has lots of tiny spots in white on it. I love the neckline shape. Easy to use, no need button or zipper. It fits my big head.hehe.

Friday, March 27, 2015


I made this Top for her school winter concert. You can read more story here about this. I love this fabric,from Gwanjang market. Don't know what type of fabric but I loveeeeee it. But hey, I made the skirt too..hehe..


No.4, checked!! My summer blouse is here!
Right on time for the spring. I am so excited
for this black and white small dots. It is a Korean cotton. I am so in love with the quality and its perfect print! Why I chose this color? Black & White? (again and again?). I think I have mentioned somewhere before that here most of them love to wear the descent colours; black, white, brown, grey, cream and some pastel colours. Anyway, I can always wear this in Malaysia later. The material is not so thick and very suitable for a mom of three like me, hahaha...simple as always. 


No.3, checked! It is baju kurung moden anyway.
 I actually made 'magic' on this. haha. honestly, I cut this fabric long time ago in Malaysia but never finished sewing. But I did not know what was wrong with my sewing needle or the fabric, I would obviously say because the thread from the fabric kept coming out along the way as I did the sewing. Just like the fabric before. My assumption would be maybe the fabric itself. Cheap fabric I guess when I bought that time. But I could not help it because I love the print. Ok, next time lesson learnt.
p/s: there was a little model at the back.hehe.

Monday, March 16, 2015


No.2, Jubah, checked!!
Still using fabric from Malaysia (see how passionate I am in fabric, never out of stock and the most important is, don't waste your fabric, use it to the fullest..haha).
Anyway, this Jubah is not really a princess cut, just A cut I guess. I like the design but sorry to say not the fabric. I think I got it from Nilai 3. The thread of the fabric came out when I was sewing, didn't know why but I still finished my sewing coz I was thinking of replacing this Jubah instead of my old 'baju kelawar'.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is the first blouse. Just a simple one. I had this fabric from Malaysia, I think I bought in Kamdar Kajang.hehe. I used it anyway since I like the pattern, black and white and simple. I will be wearing this in this spring and summer.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


I made these when Damia started her school. A small drawstring pouch for her spare clothes at school and a waterproof lunch bag. Since I already have one for Daniel from Tuppaware, I brought from Malaysia so I decided to make one similar design for Damia. It suits the lunch boxes that we already have.
As for this pouch, I just used Bangkok cotton that I bought in Malaysia and for the lunch box I used waterproof material that I bought in Dongdaemun Market.
Will definitely explore more on the waterproof material.


These are my Korean linen collection that I have at the moment. I am willing to share some of it as follows:-
Suitable for craft making.
90 cm (1 yard) x 110 cm
RM18 per half yard (45 cm)
RM36 per 1 yard (90 cm)
Minimum cut is half yard
Price is without postage. 
Please email me at

Thursday, March 5, 2015


Actually i have sewn a few skirts for me but forgot to take picture.this one was done earlier today. I love the is so comfy a bit heavy which is nice to make nicely flowing down and the most important thing is no ironing needed!.i got this fabric from Gwanjang market! I love that market coz i could get different material of fabric with a cheaper price than the Dongdaemun fabric market.


As I mentioned earlier, I am willing to share my Korean cotton collection that I have here. I just started my sewing activity and yet still collecting new fabrics. These are all what I have now for Korean Cotton and others (linen and oxford cotton) will be uploaded soon. I know it is not that much as for now but I will keep adding the pattern of course before going back for holiday to Malaysia on July, in shaa Allah.
I am not a fabric supplier or what, just a housewife and a simple crafter who's willing to share the craft material here. I've been selling a lot of supplies when I was in Malaysia especially fabrics, so in shaa Allah you can count on me. If any of you interested, please email me at tinicraft@gmail,com. We will discuss how the fabrics can reach you.
Korean Cotton
90 cm (1 yard) x 110 cm
RM15 per half yard (45 cm)
RM30 per 1 yard (90 cm)
Minimum cut is half yard
Price is without postage. 



Wednesday, March 4, 2015


I have challenged myself to do more sewing and to produce "handmade wardrobe" as to fill up my wardrobe with only my handmade. Yup I know sounds impossible but I will try to at least not to buy anymore new blouse/dress/jubah.
As to show some support to myself, I have bought this simple sky blue bookshelf to arrange some fabrics. And I am willing to sell some of this fabrics too and this would be in the next entry. Will upload by this week.
Can't wait to start more and more sewing.
Have a great evening!

Monday, March 2, 2015


Pergh, tajuk macam apa je ye.hehe I was just challenging myself of sewing either blouse, jubah or tops.10 at least for a start before the summer is here. I need all those as last summer I was wearing the same a few blouses again and again. As I mentioned earlier, it is hard to find my size here whereby I don't like to wear fitted shirt or short blouse. Maybe there are, but the price is soooooo expensive. Well, since I could easily get good fabrics here so why not I just sew some? hopefully my dream will come true ;P. Oh yeah, if any of you ever challenge yourself like this, care to share some tips to realize it? Thank you!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


This was a Tshirt blouse that I made for Damia. This fabric was so comfy and suitable for kids. I want to make something for Hanaa too!