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Thursday, March 5, 2015


Actually i have sewn a few skirts for me but forgot to take picture.this one was done earlier today. I love the is so comfy a bit heavy which is nice to make nicely flowing down and the most important thing is no ironing needed!.i got this fabric from Gwanjang market! I love that market coz i could get different material of fabric with a cheaper price than the Dongdaemun fabric market.


aYenZ JamiL (^0^)/ said...

tini, jual ke MIDA.
macam boleh pakai ke office tu..nampak formal..
xpun still boleh pakai untuk casual lah corak dia

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

Aah yeen mcm formal corak dia sedap pakai material ni.seganla nak jual ke mida.cuma kalo ada yg nak tini kena amik ukuran.huhu.