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Sunday, February 22, 2015


I don't know what we should call this item, Tshirt or Top or whatever. But I really love the polka dots here. I have some more balance of the fabric, will definitely sew something for her. She grew up very fast, I don't think that she could wear this again this spring and summer. huhu.. Well, more tasks for mom to do!

Sunday, February 15, 2015


I was about to go for a meeting at Daniel school at that time. It was summer already. I just figured out that Hanaa has only long sleeve shirts in her wardrobe. So I decided to sew this simple top and it took me about one and half hour to finish from choosing fabrics until it was done. So long huh? So managed to finish right before we walk out for the meeting. I took this picture before we arrived at the school. It was windy sunny day, beautiful weather, a perfect summer!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Another Spring blouse for me. I have no choice right now but to choose this kind of color theme as here they are not so colourful as we are in Malaysia.

Monday, February 9, 2015


Another simple blouse for me. But this time I used a stretch cotton fabric. A bit sturdy but I like the pattern the most. I put some Korean cream lace near the hand. It was not part of the plan actually but due to my mistake when cutting the fabric, I had to lengthen that part by joining the fabric. To make it less obvious to be seen, I decided to put the lace. Ah, finally I could use the lace anyway. haha.


I used my old fabric stock, so called patchwork pattern for Hanaa's skirt. She was so happy and started dancing like a princes the moment I put on her. See how happy she was  at that time. Ah, lucky I have this little unpaid model to support my craft hobby.

Sunday, February 8, 2015


Daniel used to have a British classmate but now that girl moved to England already. Me and her mom were always together sending and picking them up from the school bus everyday. When they were about to move, she gave me this fabric, a cotton from Bali. She was saying that she did not have any idea what to do with this cotton. She has this along time ago when they were on vacation in Bali and they stayed in Germany a few years before moving to Korea. So as she knew I sew things, she decided to give to me. She gave me on Thursday and I did the sewing right away, so excited to show her what I could do with this fabric. When I wanted to pick up my son on Friday afternoon, the driver said the lady already picked up her daughter at the lunch hour as they were heading to a friend's house near the airport for the next day flight. Too bad, I did not have her mobile number. But I really hope that I could see her and the family again in future.
Anyway, about this blouse, as usual I made it a bit loose and have ribbon at the back or I sometimes tied it at the front. I need more this type of blouse for the next Spring. will do something for a push factor to reach my goal of having my wardrobe full of my own handmade blouses (berangan, krik krik..)

Thursday, February 5, 2015


I made this Telekung last year. She requested one like kakak. I love this Gwanjang Cotton. So soft and comfortable for a telekung especially for Hanaa. This was actually my first time ever making a telekung. It fit her perfectly, see how happy she was. This pair of telekung comes together with a matching sejadah, also specially sewn for her. I want to make another one for her Kakak as she grew taller and needs new telekung. In shaa Allah..




We were supposed to attend a housewarming party of a friend of mine here. She is also a Malaysian. It was end Spring time and we needed a suitable blouse or dress. At that time, I just did my spring cleaning a few days before and I found out that all the clothes that we brought from Malaysia were too small for Damia. We only have new clothes for Winter Season. Lucky she has a lil sister, Hanaa so Hanaa can still wear that clothes. Problem solved for that.

So, I decided to sew a dress for Damia, my first time sewing this kind of design. I choose the fabric that I bought in Malaysia which was originally from Bangkok. The dress was sewn a day before the housewarming party and I managed to finish it1 hour before the event.Alhamdulillah. Damia was so happy wearing this. Hopefully I will sew more for her and Hanaa as Spring is coming in less than two months.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This was my first time ever sewing jeans material if I could recall. This was a medium weight jeans material for my Spring blouse. Last Spring was not so cold but I still need a cotton type material for my blouse. So this medium weight jeans was perfect. I got it from Gwanjang Market. Lepaslah, nak pakai sendiri kan..hehe..


Actually saya belum khatam lagi pasal kain2 di Korea ni. Tp ni saya ada jumpa satu jenis kain oxford katanya which is also banyak different types. Memandangkan this pattern is perfect for my house color tone, saya jahit new cushion cases. As for this moment, saya hanya jahit keperluan rumah kat sini dan keperluan saya dan anak-anak. Saya akan share some of my craft materials here, mane tahu kot ada Malaysian crafters who might interested. Boleh saya bawa balik July ni. Oh ye, saya sempat kirim kat kawan kat Malaysia untuk bawa label yg saya tempah kt sana. Label ini adalah pendorong untuk saya menjahit dan berkraf kembali. Saya hanya gunakan label ini untuk craft yang saya jahit di sini.hehe, saja pembakar semangat.hehe.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I bought this IKEA cotton long time ago in IKEA Damansara but only use it here for my laptop sleeve. No doubt this medium weight cotton is easy to handle and I love the outstanding print on it. It always looks new eventhough I have this sleeve about a year already (laa, so lomg meh to upload?, busy maa). Anyway, I have some fabric left of this print, maybe I will sew a bag? No idea yet.


This was my peplum long blouse that I made last year's summer. I always wanna call this my summer collection. The material is chilly and comfortable for the hot weather. Actually I tried to find my size here but rarely found it offline. I have to get help from Malaysian Students here to help me to buy online for Plus Size clothes and for my size I have to buy XXXL. If I were to buy offline, if they have a big size, but the length did not up to my standard. I always love to wear modest down to the knee. Pendek kata, kena jahit lah.hehe. I have a friend here, she went to Gwanjang market to sew her baju kurung moden and the charge was KRW150,000 = RM480 plusminus la.her own material, she just showed to the Ahjumma (makcik) the design and the Ahjumma measured her measurement. Saya nak pengsan dengar. Boleh beli a pair of designer kurung moden kat Malaysia kot.hehe. So, knowing that, I have to start back my sewing activity.hehe. 


Actually only the most front one is the Korean linen that I bought here. The other two are the linen blend that I bought from Malaysia which I believe from other country too. I am so in love with Korean fabrics and definitely with share with you more.

Monday, February 2, 2015


Assalamualaykum. It took me for a while to 'wake up' from a long hiatus. I was super duper busy since my 2nd kid joined the school. But i do miss sewing so much. Well, i did some sewing but if i dont  share it here, i dont have any proper record what i have sewn. So i decided to write again here and share my little sewing. In shaa Allah i will also share my new materials here in Seoul and my craft supply hunting episode. Thank you.