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Thursday, February 5, 2015


We were supposed to attend a housewarming party of a friend of mine here. She is also a Malaysian. It was end Spring time and we needed a suitable blouse or dress. At that time, I just did my spring cleaning a few days before and I found out that all the clothes that we brought from Malaysia were too small for Damia. We only have new clothes for Winter Season. Lucky she has a lil sister, Hanaa so Hanaa can still wear that clothes. Problem solved for that.

So, I decided to sew a dress for Damia, my first time sewing this kind of design. I choose the fabric that I bought in Malaysia which was originally from Bangkok. The dress was sewn a day before the housewarming party and I managed to finish it1 hour before the event.Alhamdulillah. Damia was so happy wearing this. Hopefully I will sew more for her and Hanaa as Spring is coming in less than two months.


rohaiza yunus said...

sis..cantik sgt dress ni..sis xjual ke

TiniCraft Ibtisamfarah said...

hehe..lepas tuk pakai anak sendiri je.tini baru2 blajar jahit dress tuk anak2. sian diorang naksiapkan satu baju berapa kali mama suh try.hehe.tq for visiting here sis.