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Thursday, February 21, 2013

more paisley..

Paisley ni cantikk sangat..semua sy nak..huhu
Siapa yg berminat blh email
Copy gambar yg nak yer.
RM65 without postage


more new stocks..

Sorry my dear i xsempat ltk code..rm 65..without postage..
copy gambar ni and email ur order. email






stok baru

Sorry kwn kwn..kalo nak kain copy gambar ni email tini ek..xsempat nk buh code..dgn hp jer.. x best nak menggodek blog ni..tq..semua ni rm65 sepasang without postage.. email





colourful polka dots

Colourful dots in black..brown and dark blue..
RM65 - 4 Meter
RM18 per meter
Email me at


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

matching cotton

RM 65 for 4 meters cut
RM70 for matching 2 mtrs each
Email me

Sold out

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Paisley anyone?

RM 65 without postage
Very limited item. Hurry!

Email me

Paisley orange Out of 5, 1 pc left

Paisley green 5 pcs.SOLD OUT

Paisley turquoise-out of 5,2left

Paisley purple out of 5, 2 left

Paisley redpink - out 5, 3 left

Monday, February 18, 2013

Some sold out fabrics are now restock!

Grey and pink are restocked. Purple is new but only pc available.
RM75 without postage

Stripes restock -1 pc left
RM65 without postage

Blue paisley restock
RM65 without postage

Love patchwork white base with orange dots -Sold out

Butterfly white base and red dots restock - 1 pc left

RM65 for 4 meter pc
RM 70 for matching 2 mtrs each
(without postage)

Email me

More imported designer cotton

Designer cotton imported from Vietnam for sale

RM25 per meter bidang 58"-60"

Email me
Yummy leaves SOLD

Batik black

Designer Cotton

Designer cotton imported from Vietnam for sale
RM25 per meter bidang 58"-60"
Email me

Charming yellow

Red flower SOLD OUT

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Baju kurung kanak-kanak

Alhamdulillah..ada org beli banyak baju kurung budak. She requested without label so that she could put her price. Thank you.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

unique abstract and stripes

Ada lagi sikit..
RM65 without postage
Email me

Gorjes stripe SOLD

Unique absract 1 SOLD

Unique abstract 2

Unique abstract 3 SOLD

Unique abstract 4

Unique abstract 5

more cotton for sale

RM65 without postage
4 meters
Email me

Shocking pink with paisley

Red with paisley Sold

Purple paisley SOLD

Blue paisley -1 pc restock

Sunflower light pink with brown base-SOLD

Pink damask in brown - Sold