Tuesday, February 12, 2013

English Cotton For Sale

English Cotton
RM 65 - 4 meter (without postage)
Pemborong dialu-alukan
Email me at tinicraft@gmail.com

Flowers with Dark Brown Base -SOLD

Love and flowers in circle SOLD

Unique leaves with flowers in pink Sold

Flowers with light turquoise base - Sold

Flowers with purple base Sold

Unique leaves with flowers in green - 2 mtrs left


SCLover said...
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TinyTini said...

Akak..tq..mmg cantik cantik..geram nak gunting..

TinyTini said...

Uik?apsal removed plak..tingtong ler blog ni..huhu..

sueann said...

cantek bangattt huhuhuhu cam nk sambar je 2 design

sueann said...

cantek bangattt. raser nk sambar je dua design

TinyTini said...

Jom beli..hehe..