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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Daniel used to have a British classmate but now that girl moved to England already. Me and her mom were always together sending and picking them up from the school bus everyday. When they were about to move, she gave me this fabric, a cotton from Bali. She was saying that she did not have any idea what to do with this cotton. She has this along time ago when they were on vacation in Bali and they stayed in Germany a few years before moving to Korea. So as she knew I sew things, she decided to give to me. She gave me on Thursday and I did the sewing right away, so excited to show her what I could do with this fabric. When I wanted to pick up my son on Friday afternoon, the driver said the lady already picked up her daughter at the lunch hour as they were heading to a friend's house near the airport for the next day flight. Too bad, I did not have her mobile number. But I really hope that I could see her and the family again in future.
Anyway, about this blouse, as usual I made it a bit loose and have ribbon at the back or I sometimes tied it at the front. I need more this type of blouse for the next Spring. will do something for a push factor to reach my goal of having my wardrobe full of my own handmade blouses (berangan, krik krik..)

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