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Friday, July 23, 2010


Salam & Hi All,

Thanks for following to ready my update. For my customers, I'm so sorry for delaying the order. I was away for a couple days for a course, came back in the sewing room but my machine had some problems due to sewing some thick fabrics last week.

But, alhamdulillah for the ni'mah, I finally got my new machine just now, (still in the box, will definitely try it tonight!). Eventhough it's just an NV50 Brother brand, but it's a partially automated machine which I assume should help me a lot! I can afford (bonus from hubby lah of course! ehehe) to buy Bernina or Janome, but I was just thinking that I might wanna use that another RM1K for something else which might be much more important.

Anyway, I'll try to the orders done by end of this month and early next month since I have to start sewing my lil handsome boy Fahmi's baju melayu and my cutie bundle of joy Tasnim's baju kurung which both I have yet to learn, never sewn one before!

Ok, till then, stay tune for my next update with more orders done and not to forget a surprise giveaway! (yet to find a free time to arrange & take pictures of the gifts!)


Seorang Wanita, Isteri dan Ibu said...

wahh..tahniah Tini ..semoga lepas ni makin terima byk order ..k. aya ni pun tak sabar nak order.

hmmm raya thn dpn boleh la tempah baju melayu utk anak lelaki k.aya, boleh ke?

TinyTini said...

uhu~~baru lepas technician dia datang ajar kat rumah..blank tengok mesin tu..ehehe..tgh godek2 lagi ni..baju melayu tak pernah tgh berkira2 nak kena survey pattern dulu..ehehe

color me pretty said...

tengah survey2 nak cari mesin baru... berkenan gak dgn nv50 ni... since u dah lama guna, okay tak mesin tu?

TinyTini said...