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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I made this, latest artworkof mine. This time I put some different things on this bag. I named it as Teacher's Bag..ala ala Teacher's Pet gitu..hihi..This bag is larger than my normal tote bag. But it is very simple, no pocket, no zipper, no button! I like this kind of bag because I am the kind of yg tak suke zip/button kan my bag..cikgu2 normally need larger bag because their buku persediaan mengajar tu agak besar (rasanya skrg pun ada lagi kot). Bkn teacher pun boleh, tuk shopping bag yg melaram sket ke..hehe The rose design fabric ni very exclusive, around RM48/ per meter when I bought it dulu..dia bkn heavy cotton, but more or less like a soft jute, very unique fabric. I lined with heavy cotton to make it about sit still.Anyone interested? Please email me at

(without shipping cost)



nadiah said...

salam sis,kain yang dikirim saya dah dapat..
terima kasih banyak2 ya..

TinyTini said...

nanti boleh share awak jahit ape ye..ehehe