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Monday, November 9, 2009


Salam all..I'm updating the shipment again..since the post office has increased the postage for post express, I've to update my shipping too..before this I used post express for Damia Tote Bag, but maybe after this I have to use registered post. As I have offered, Damia Tote Bag will still with the free shipping offer. Don't worry ok! If you want other shipping method, then only additional amount will be charged accordingly. I normally don't make money out of this.

So, here are ordered that have been done.
1.Astrid = TTB3 (gambar taksempat nak amik..ehehe)
2.Nurin= DTB Meimei Cartoon
3.Dija= DTB Butter Lady Bees + Mix Stripes
4.Fieyra =DTB Abstract Floral+Stripes & Sweet English Pink+stripes
5.Salwani= DTB Abstract Floral+Stripes

Your bags' picture have been used for reference for my next order as per entry below..hehe..jgn marah yer..

Others, please stay tune. Your orders are on the way, in progress still..

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