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Friday, February 5, 2010


Salam..first of all, I would like to express my apology to my precious customers sbb order anda da terdelay lama. Haritu mesin rosak, saya tak sihat, pastu anak2 plak tak sihat.. Alhamdulillah, they are getting better..musim skrg kot demam batuk2..insyaAllah saya akan try siapkan order this weekends and next week sbb next weekend saya akan balik kg, bercuti about one week. So, saya pasti hati saya tak tenang nakbercuti kalau taksiap order2 tersebut. So, watch out your emails next week ye, I'll email the pictures first, if everything is ok, you can proceed to pay and I'll deliver the order before I go for holiday. Thank you for your support and understanding. Love you all!! :)

Ni gambar my kids, Daniel Fahmi & Damia Tasnim. Alhamdulillah, they're getting better.

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