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Sunday, May 15, 2016



Captain hook!!

Requested by Daniel for his school play and children day costume. My first time ever sewing a costume. Alhamdulillah.

At first, I never thought of sewing anything like this. I did some search to buy it both online and offline but it was not what I was looking f or. Found one online, but too expensive and not even the same.

Thinking of Daniel was chosen to be one of the main characters in his school play, me and my husband wanted to find him the best costume with complete set of everything. We found almost the same hat and sword, even the hook!  But, not the jacket.

Without any hesitation, I confidently told my husband that I could sew that. He was so shock and a bit confuse because I have never ever sewn any costume before.

I made this in two days time and Daniel was so happy and everyone seemed to be amazed (in my family at least haha) that I could really do it.

Sometimes, we need the "push factor" to move without any hesitation and never look back.


Mila@Rimbun said...

wahhh cayalah tini, akak pun tak pernah (kut) jahit costume before this. Memang jadi sebijik sebijon hihi

Khushartini Kamarulzaman said...

akak bila terpaksa ni blh plak menjahit.hihi.sbb nak beli sehelai dlm rm250.pakai skali dua je.hehe.tini nakbelajar jahit telekung ni.mcm susah da try jahit.mungkin kaedah salah.haha