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Wednesday, May 18, 2016



When the teacher sent a note saying that the children could pick their costume anything in the Peter Pan series, I was shocked. I really mean it. It was a few days before the children's day. How could I forgot about Damia. 

We actually prepared for her a mickey mouse shirt and skirt and it was same like Hanaa. Well, always need to buy two since we have two girls. We thought that they could be anyone.

As for Daniel I knew it earlier from his teacher that he needed to wear the character that he would be in the school play for their summer concert next month.

So, Damia chose to be Wendy. I already knew that it was going to be very hard to find that kind of dress last minute, so I headed right away to Dongdaemun Market for the fabric.

I wanted to buy just cotton for my easing sewing process but my husband said I need to get something flowy so that the dress will look the same as the real Wendy. So I decided to go for Satin fabric.

It was a very tricky one since I never bought any satin in that giant wholesale fabric heaven. 4 to 5 buildings connected to each other with 6 to 7floors. I was praying so hard that Hanaa could be extra patient with me. Lucky I brought her stroller as usual so that she could sleep whenever she wants.

After nearly one hour, we found what we want and went home for the sewing mission!

Alhamdulillah in two days I could finish these two Wendy dresses. Damia got an award at school for her costume.

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